We're a small team, and our businesses generally operate during the day. We employ happy, passionate people. 

Working for Park Cafés

In our first year of business, we opened four cafés in and around Bournemouth’s award-winning parks and gardens…who knows what other opportunities will appear from around the corner?

We are owned and operated by BCP Council, and the Park Cafés ethos is that having a cup of tea or holding an event at a Park Cafe helps to support your local parks, playgrounds and public spaces. So joining us for a cuppa really helps your local park.

We’re passionate about our green strategy too. All the packaging is 100% biodegradable or compostable, and we use as much locally-sourced produce as we can. Our coffee is fair trade and sustainably sourced too.

All our businesses are in Bournemouth, and generally operate during the day - which should make a change from regular hospitality positions out there. All our sites are on transport links and are easily accessible by cycle paths.

Current Opportunities

We currently don't have any opportunities, but watch this space!

Speak soon!


Darren Roser, Catering and Facilities Manager

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