Healthier options

Our healthier option promise

Our aim is to offer our customers great food whilst enjoying the green surroundings and fresh air.

It's healthy to get out and about

The benefits of taking a walk in the park are well-documented, with not only the physical benefits of cardiovascular activity, but also the mental health benefits such as reducing stress levels and releasing endorphins (the feel-good hormones that improve your mood and lower stress and mild depression).

Healthier food on our menus

Sometimes, it can be tricky to know what food is good for you. With the spotlight currently on sugar levels and childhood obesity, we are trying to do our 'bit' by introducing our 'healthier option' logo.

You'll start to see this logo on our menu to guide you towards our healthier options. By 'healthier', we mean that perhaps it has zero sugar, is lower in fat or is baked, rather than fried. 

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Don't worry - you can still get your delicious, freshly-cooked breakfasts, cakes and pies - but at least you know that their is a healthier option, should you be looking for one for yourself, or your children.

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